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Labour and resources Essay Example

Work and assets Essay Example Work and assets Essay Work and assets Essay Creating countries are normally described by the need of gifted work and assets. They likewise require markets for their products in order to increase remote monetary forms and thus import whatever merchandise and enterprises that they need inside their limits. The reasons why Asian organizations become multinationals are not specific to the locale with this impact. Their development of these organizations has been regular whatever is viewed as the built up design in development. This is because of the way that most multinationals are normally set up to sell the products that outcome from the development in ventures. Subsequently, the multinationals serve to give merchandise and ventures to the nations in which they are arranged. Furthermore, these multinationals are principle wellsprings of work for the exiles from parent nations and the nations in which they work together. The business may be as talented and semi-gifted work power being selected to enable the MNEs to achieve their objectives. As of late, worldwide endeavors like the ones that China begins in Africa effectively act halfway as outside guide. For example, a development organization set up to assemble streets in specific pieces of Africa is paid for its administration however the quarters presented for work of locals is limited to untalented work. As a result, the worldwide endeavors offers types of assistance that are intended to create framework of the local nation however over the long haul, China benefits most from the endeavor. Exchange, particularly two-sided exchange between the nations in the district is significant in the development of the nations. The yield is generally limited to the mechanical grounds. This keeps the nations continually bringing in staple and work. None the less, the economies in the district depend to an extremely low degree on exportation. This implies they send out little to different areas. The information for this pattern is for the most part curved to the Asian districts of the Asia Pacific locale. 33% of the nations consolidated GDP relies upon trades. This is an immediate sign that their economies can be continued from inside as they expend the greater part of their merchandise. Then again, the US and Australia are dynamic in the exportation of the merchandise and enterprises inside their limits. This is vital in the development and change inside the entirety of their divisions associated with exchange. The more they exchange with different accomplices, the more change they are presented to as far as volumes of exchange, societies, and patterns. By and large, exchange improves change in a lot of viewpoints to keep the economies on a sound upward development pattern. With this come such a large number of different advantages (Peltonen Pula, 2009). Japanese interests in different nations originated from the need to acquire crude materials for their assembling businesses. The assembling business was influenced in the territories managing in minerals. This was because of the interest of minerals for the creation of merchandise. The vitality division was not abandoned either. The support by approaches gave through government division asked businesses to create in remote nations with the goal that they could achieve the required minerals for preparing and deal. This decreased the hustle of importation of crude materials and made the vital connections between the exchanging nations and Japan. Mergers and acquisitions likewise helped in building up a steady pattern in development as these guarantee a hang on most market portions commanded by the obtained foundations. The raid into these areas consequently reinforces FDI for Japan (Takeuchi, 1990). MNE auxiliaries probably won't resemble parent organizations because of the way that they face a great deal of rivalry from the indigenous organizations in the nation that they are found. They along these lines have a little possibility of controlling exchange locales where other built up economies have MNEs. For example, Malaysian MNEs think that its difficult to exist in the districts which they are built up somewhat because of the absence of adequate assets when contrasted with organizations from vigorous economies like Japan and the US. In this manner, the parent organization may appreciate showcase section control in its nation of starting point yet the dares to the local market require more endeavors to set up a specialty. Cross-outskirt the executives doesn't give a strong strategy for the board as these endeavors require a hands-on approach because of the degrees of rivalry (Mulok, 2010). End To finish up, we can say that the effect of these endeavors on the national administration and the locale all in all is that it presents strategies that favor the foundation of solid rivalry. The board strategies are additionally improved in the general viewpoint. MNEs could conceivably present imposing business models. The imposing business models are made for the situation where there are barely any players in that specific industry. The human asset is additionally upgraded emphatically as an ever increasing number of individuals join the workforce and diminish joblessness. Innovation move is essential to the district. These foundations guarantee that the innovative improvement of these nations is sure and that they gain information in the various divisions that drive the economy. References Cho, Joong-Wan. (1997). Outside Direct Investment: Determinants, Trends in Flows and Promotion Policies. Speculation Promotion and Enterprise Development Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific. Pp 99-112. Lara, J. P. (2008). Worldwide Corporations and the Emerging Network Economy in Asia and the Pacific. Routledge. Print. Wang, C. what's more, Liu, X. (2002). Does Foreign Direct Investment Facilitate Technological Progress? : Evidence from Chinese Industries. Examination Policy. Vol. 32, Issue 6, pp 945-953. Saggi, K. (2002). Exchange, Foreign Direct Investment and International Trade Transfer: A Survey. World Bank Research Observer, Vol. 17, No. 2, pp 191-235. Lin, Y. J. (2004). The Peoples Republic of Chinas Future Development and Economic Relations with Asia and Latin America. Working Paper Series No. 21. Perkin University.

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Samsung Marketing Principles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Samsung Marketing Principles - Essay Example The current research has recognized that the rules that advertisers work with are along with item/administration quality and worth, intensity in advancement, the estimation of a brand name, understanding the contenders and buyers just as better statistical surveying. The Samsung Corporation has some expertise in gadgets among different items and has been seen as among the worldwide ‘giants’ in the business along with any semblance of Apple Corporation and others. The partnership has developed to order a worldwide impact since its arrangement with quite a bit of its quality being noted in key and successful ‘product life cycle’, powerful ‘pricing mechanisms’, high paces of expansion just as improved and better quality items. In addition, the enterprise has been exceptionally key in promoting rehearses which have empowered the organization successfully catch a worldwide market portion through brilliant and high caliber in items, elevated levels of development, high brand esteem and the better comprehension of winning business sector condition through statistical surveying. Besides, the partnership embraces extraordinary promoting mottos which incorporate the Galaxy ‘S’ trademark ‘The Next Big Thing is Already Here’ and the ‘just like you have been there’ which have been best in advertising the company’s items over the globe. Over years, the organization has successfully been planning and acquainting with showcase propelled items as observed through the item advancement of the organization. In the early long periods of the development of Samsung gathering, it had practical experience in the creation of high contrast TVs, later came the shading and later fused the advanced creations. In addition, the enterprise has broadened on the product offering to incorporate the TVs as well as ice chests, telephones, and PC applications among others. By and by, as a worldwide player, it is sig nificant that the organization has needed to overcome solid weight by rivalry from different players in the business, for example, the Apple Corporation, for the cell phones.

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Blog Archive Crafting (or Updating) Your Pitch

Blog Archive Crafting (or Updating) Your Pitch In this blog series, our mbaMission  Career Coaches  offer invaluable advice and industry-related news to help you actively manage your career. Topics include building your network, learning from mistakes and setbacks, perfecting your written communication, and mastering even the toughest interviews. To schedule a free half-hour consultation with one of our mbaMission Career Coaches,  click here. At this time of year, many second-year business school students are actively engaging in the full-time job search and therefore seeking advice on how to talk about themselves. To help, we share two suggested frameworks for developing your pitch (also known as your career narrative, your positioning statement, or your story): Option 1: Consider the approach explained in this video clip from communications expert Jodi Glickman. She talks about the importance of starting with your destination (i.e., help your listener quickly and easily understand what you want) and then delving into your background and, most importantly, how your background connects to your target destination. Option 2: Craft a story using your strengths (i.e., three to four key skills that are relevant to your target audience), your desired work content (i.e., how you want to spend your time and what you want to achieve), and the attributes of your target organization. The content of this statement should be based on your own self-discovery and understanding of your value proposition and what motivates you as well as what you learn about the needs of your target marketplace. Depending on the situation, you can fill in any gaps in this statement with details about where you worked in the past (including your recent summer internship) and specific accomplishments. Of course, the content, delivery, and length of this statement should be adapted with respect to several factors, including the following: Relevance: Are you a career switcher? Audience: How close are you to your target audience? What are their needs? What is culturally appropriate for that company? Delivery: Will this statement be delivered via email or phone or in person? Purpose: What is your goal for the interaction? Rememberâ€"this is about relationship building. Be conversational, and create a connection between you and your contact. Have you been admitted to business school? If so, do you want to get a head start on defining your career goals? Do you need help preparing for job interviews or learning how to effectively network with your target employers? Or maybe you want to be a top performer in your current role but are unsure how to maximize your potential. Let an mbaMission Career Coach help via a  free 30-minute consultation!   Share ThisTweet Career Advice

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Graduation Speech College Tuition - 1634 Words

From 1978 to 2013, college tuition costs rose by 1,120 % in America. College costs are the highest in history and more students are going to college than ever before. Most people push for free tuition for all community colleges and universities; however that is not a viable request Someone is going to have to foot the bill in the end. Multiple nations around the globe are also having difficulty finding a functioning price tag for a college degree. The history of tuition starts in 1862, when Congress passed the Morrill Act. The act established tuition-free land granted public universities. Tuition was free or almost free for most students who attended college, predominantly the rich and upper class elite. Eighty two years later the Servicemen s Readjustment Act of 1944 was passed allowing more than just the elite to get a college degree. The bill made it easier for veterans returning home from World War II to enroll in college (Sanchez 7). The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act opened the door of a college education to the masses of soldiers heading home, roughly eight million people took advantage of it, more than the writers of the intended to use it. States accepted the stream of students and provided for them during the post-war economy. The National Defense Student Loan was created next and opened up the same doors to everyone. The states provided loans and grants to an unprecedented amount and were at a rush to create e nough colleges to meet the demand of the hopefulShow MoreRelatedCareer And College Research Paper885 Words   |  4 PagesCareer and College Research Paper When I first read To Kill a Mockingbird, I fell in love with Atticus Finch’s character; he was a calm, fair lawyer who fought for the wronged. Lawyers represent individuals, businesses, and organizations in court, as well as read wills and deeds. Criminal prosecutors represent clients who have had a crime committed against them. I chose this career because being a lawyer, especially a criminal prosecutor, requires laying out facts in a clear and concise manner,Read MoreCollege Should Offer Free Tuition867 Words   |  4 PagesHaving a college degree is considered to a vital part of being successful in today’s day and age. College degrees are really expensive, but in a long run they really pay off. College can be a big financial burden so with that being said, in my opinion, I think community college should offer free tuition with some sort of standards to be eligible for free tuition. President Barack Obama conveyed a speech at Macomb Community College in Warren, Michigan this past September. President Obama proposedRead MoreGraduation Speech : My Life After High School907 Words   |  4 PagesWhen my high school graduation came around in the year of 2013 I was not sure what would be the next step in life after high school. I was undecided whether I would go to college. I didn t feel I was college material since I honestly did not do that well my last couple years of high school. I figured I would just learn to paint cars like my dad. I was working for my dad during that same summer after I graduated and I completely changed my mind on college. Going home in dust and grime everydayRead MoreThe Debt That Affects Young Students1270 Words   |  6 Pageshopes of joining a college. Sadly, for countless students, they remain financially unable to receive the education they need. I propose that you consider Bernie Sander’s introduced bill â€Å"College fo r All Act†. You have recognized the crippling debt that affects young students, and even launched a plan making low interest rate grants and loans available. You’ve shared how you believe that college is where people pursue their dreams, on the other hand, paying more for college is in fact pressingRead MorePublic Speaking Informative1486 Words   |  6 PagesInformative Speech Outline SPE 102, January 8th 2009 TITLE: Obtaining a 4 year degree through Burlington County College GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform my audience of different methods they can use to obtain a four year degree through Burlington County College. SPECIFIC PURPOSE: Burlington County College offers many opportunities for advancement whether it is a stepping stone to a 4 year college, an entry into an accredited program through guarantee transfer, or the ever expanding bachelor degreeRead More7-11 Case Study Essay1010 Words   |  5 PagesDue 11:55pm on Sunday Week 4 75 Points – two page paper David Jetter graduated from college six years ago with a finance undergraduate degree. Although he is satisfied with his current job, his goal is to become an investment banker. He feels that an MBA degree would allow him to achieve his goal. After examining schools, he has narrowed his choice to either Prentice University or Mount Alliance College. Although internships are encouraged by both schools, to get class credit for the internshipRead MoreThe Red Black by Stendhal1656 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction I was taken aback as I read the lead story of The Red Black, the University of Georgia’s student run newspaper. It was a story about hate speech that had been posted on the Facebook pages of two University groups. â€Å"Why can’t you dumb dirty n****s stop stinking up the place? Let UGA be RIGHT for good WHITE Christian students.† This had been posted onto The Black Affairs Council Facebook page. â€Å"Burn in hell f****s† was posted on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center’sRead MoreU.s. Government Should Not Pay For The College Education943 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"No† to Free College Have you ever thought what would change if the United States Government were to pay for the first two years of college education? Many Americans believe the U.S. Government should not pay for the college education of students. The U.S. Government should not pay for the first two years of college education because of the possibility of higher tax rates, missed opportunity for students to learn the definition of discipline, and not to overlook the opportunities the governmentRead MoreThe Movie 3 Idiots1252 Words   |  6 Pagescourse without even asking their son or daughter if they want that course as well or what course they would like to take. Incoming college students should find courage and tell their parents what course they want to get so that they will not be tied up as long as he/ she lives on something he/she don’t really like doing. Farhan, Rancho’s friend, is one of the many college students who were forced to pursue his parent’s dream of becoming an engineer. Farhan always get low grades and I think it is becauseRead MoreThe Movie 3 Idiots1266 Words   |  6 Pagescourse without even asking their son or daughter if they want that course as well or what course they would like to take. Incoming college students should find courage and tell their parents what course they want to get so that they will not be tied up as long as he/ she lives on something he/she don’t really like doing. Farhan, Rancho’s friend, is one of the many college students who were forced to pursue his parent’s dream of becoming an engineer. Farhan always get low grades and I think it is because

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What Was Platos Famous Academy

Plato’s Academy was not a formal school or college in the sense were familiar with. Rather, it was a more informal society of intellectuals who shared a common interest in studying subjects such as philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy. Plato held the belief that knowledge was not purely the result of inner reflection, but instead, could be sought through observation and therefore taught to others. It was based upon this belief that Plato founded his famous Academy. Location of Platos School The meeting location of Plato’s Academy was originally a public grove near the ancient city of Athens. The garden had historically been home to many other groups and activities. It had once been home to religious groups with its grove of olive trees dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts. Later, the garden was named for Akademos or Hecademus, a local hero after which the Academy was named. Ultimately, the garden was left to the citizens of Athens for use as  a gymnasium. The garden was surrounded by art, architecture, and nature as it was famously adorned with statues, sepulchers, temples, and olive trees. Plato  delivered his lectures there in the small grove where senior and junior members of the exclusive group of intellectuals met. It has been surmised that these meetings and teachings employed several methods including lectures, seminars, and even dialogue, but primary instruction would have been conducted by Plato himself. Academy Leaders A page on the  Academy  from School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland says that Cicero lists the leaders of the Academy up to 265 B.C. as Democritus, Anaxagoras, Empedocles, Parmenides, Xenophanes, Socrates, Plato, Speusippus, Xenocrates, Polemo, Crates, and Crantor. After Plato: Aristotle and Other Instructors Eventually, other instructors joined, including Aristotle,  who taught at the Academy before founding his own school of philosophy at Lyceum. After Platos death, the running of the Academy was handed over to Speusippus. The Academy had earned such a reputation among intellectuals that it continued to operate, with periods of closure, for almost nine hundred years after Plato’s death hosting a list of famous philosophers and intellectuals including Democritus, Socrates, Parmenides, and Xenocrates. In fact, the Academy’s history spanned such a long period that scholars generally make a distinction between the Old Academy (defined by Plato’s tenure and that of his more immediate successors) and the New Academy (which begins with the leadership of Arcesilaus). Closing of the Academy When Emperor Justinian I, a Christian, closed the Academy in 529 A.D. for being pagan, seven of the philosophers went to Gundishapur in Persia at the invitation and under the protection of the Persian King Khusrau I Anushiravan (Chosroes I). Though Justinian is famous for the permanent closing of the Academy,   it had suffered earlier with periods of strife and closure. When Sulla sacked Athens, the Academy was destroyed. Eventually, during the 18th century, scholars started searching for the remains of the Academy, and it was unearthed between 1929 and 1940 through funding by Panayotis Aristophron. Reference Academy The Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. Ed. M.C. Howatson and Ian Chilvers. Oxford University Press, 1996. Athens after the Liberation: Planning the New City and Exploring the Old, John Travlos Hesperia, Vol. 50, No. 4, Greek Towns and Cities: A Symposium (Oct. - Dec. 1981), pp. 391-407

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Stress, Health, And Human Flourishing Essay - 800 Words

Chapter 11 – Stress, Health, and Human Flourishing The major focus of this chapter was stress and the effect it has on the body. Stress is the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events, called stressors, that we appraise as threatening or challenging. The concept of appraisal is the important part here. Stress can be affected through this psychological filter, either making the stressor feel threatening or challenging. The way we perceive it can have either positive or negative effects. Stress, when perceived negatively can lead to issues such as coronary heart disease or increased susceptibleness to colds (Myers, 2014). A Canadian scientist by the name of Hans Selye name the result of his research the general adaptation syndrome, or GAS for short. He described the process of stress as a 3-way process. There is phase one, alarm reaction, phase two, resistance, and phase three, exhaustion. Being unable to cope with a stressor and remaining in the last phase for too long can have negative health effects. Men and women both traditionally deal with stress in different ways. Men, and least more often than women, tend to socially withdraw, turn to alcohol, or become aggressive, while women more often respond by nurturing and bonding together (Myers, 2014). There are many ways to cope, or alleviate using emotional, cognitive, or behavioral methods, with stress. In this chapter, the three we discussed were catharsis, problem-focused, and emotion-focused.Show MoreRelatedThe National League Of Nursing Competencies1406 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Flourishing Human flourishing, one of the National League of Nursing competencies, refers to the overall state of well-being of an individual within multiple contexts. This competency celebrates diversity, freedom, happiness, and holistic well-being of individuals within their families, communities, and society (Nursing Framework and Program Outcomes, n.d.). The concept of human flourishing embodies the elements of contrast and conflict in life, connection with the surrounding world,Read MoreThe Effects Of Physical Exercise On The Brain Essay1439 Words   |  6 PagesThe human brain is constantly changing where many new neurons are formed while others neurons die and new synapses are created while other synapses are removed (Spalding et al., 2013). Some dendrites will withdraw while other dendrites continue branching (Killgore et al., 2013). The processes driving the reshaping of the brain are neuroplasticity and neurogenesis. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s lifelong ability to rewi re neural connections to compensate for diseases and injuries or in response toRead MoreThe Catholic Church Should Accept That Gay Marriage1526 Words   |  7 Pagesthe spouses and the procreation and education of offspring. So, the main point of marriage is for a joining of sorts of two people so they can procreate or have children. These are all goods in the eyes of the Church. A good is what lead to human flourishing or journeying back to God. Examples of these goods are life itself, communion with others, marriage, sexuality, and children. Heterosexual marriage complies with these goods. Gay marriage complies with these goods besides one. The one beingRead MoreA Portrait Of A Killer1042 Words   |  5 PagesPortrait of a Killer, examines the types of stress that living beings can endure, and how it can thus affect the rest of their bodies. Severe chronic stress can lead even lead to the destruction of brain cells. Dr. Robert Sapolsky is a neurobiologist of Stanford Univ ersity who has been researching stress for over thirty years. In order to study stress and its implications upon nonhumans, he went to Africa to study baboons. This species has only three hours of stress caused by eating, and the rest of theirRead MoreHuman Resource Planning595 Words   |  3 PagesHuman Resource Planning The function that I will explore in depth is Marks and Spencer human resource planning primarily concerned with the organisation possessing sufficient numbers of employees and of the right standard. The four main purposes of the human resource planning function are:  · Marks and Spencer establish clear links between organisational objectives and human resource plans so that successful co-ordination of the two can be set out.  · To giveRead MoreThe Effects Of Obesity On An Individual s Health And Well Being954 Words   |  4 Pagesmay affect the health and illness experiences of its members. Include information about specific services and health promotional activities that may be available for this group. You should also examine issues of discrimination and bias in relation to this group, how this might have changed over time, and how this might influence group members’ use of services. Adult obesity stigmatisation Introduction This essay will consider the holistic impact of obesity on an individual s health and well-beingRead MoreIvb Essay749 Words   |  3 PagesPGD to test for serious inherited genetic disorders. Funding includes costs of the IVF treatment which accompany PGD. Only some may be able to afford PGD therefore public funding is important to ensure fair and equitable opportunity.4 PGD reduces health care costs. Treatment of some genetic diseases can cost millions over the lifetime for a single individual. Avoiding these births would save money. Ethical: Many believe termination after prenatal diagnosis is unacceptable. There are many beliefsRead MoreEthics Of The Good Life For A Human Being1398 Words   |  6 Pagesfor a human being. Through living with the mean state and with moral virtue, the disposition to behave in the right manner and as a mean between extremes of deficiency and excess, Aristotle explains how one can reach the end purpose of life and achieve eudaimonia, human flourishing. Aristotle’s fundamental claims surrounding moral excellence and habituation allow to one enact the necessary process of moderating thinking and feeling to become a morally excellent person. In order to reach human thrivingRead MoreAssess The Organization s Programs And Services Essay1706 Words   |  7 Pagesthe State of Arizona. The Area Agency on Aging Region One’s programs include a 24 hour Senior Help Line, Elder Resource Guide, Adult Day Health Care, Adult Protective Services Service Coordination (APS), AgeWORKS, Benefits Assistance Medicare Program, Care Transitions Healing@Home, Congregate meals, Doves Program, Eldervention, Family Caregiver Support, Health Promotion, HIV Care Directions, Home-Delivered Meals, Legal Assistance, Long-term Ombudsman, Los Ancianos Seniors Serving Seniors, MaricopaRead MoreWhat Is Education Important?2263 Words   |  10 Pagesexistence, the use and limits of knowledge and the principles that govern and influence moral judgement (Dictionary, 2016). The word philosophy is a geek word with the meaning of love of wisdom , philosophers research meaning of concepts to clarify human nature and knowledge (Bates.J et al, 2009). Philosophers that look into education ask many questions to get the definition, aims and purposes of what education is (Bates et al, 2009). Besides knowing the definitions of education, philosophers would

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Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian free essay sample

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, is a tale of a young Native American boy who has a struggle with poverty, a need for support in his decision making, and a show of courage when times seem hopeless. Junior is not a typical Native American boy. He wants to succeed in life and the only way to do that is leave the reservation for better schooling. The story takes place in times of great despair as well as happiness. On every reservation there is poverty. On every reservation there is alcohol abuse. On every reservation there is domestic abuse resulting from alcohol abuse. Every day there are victims on the reservations around the world, and this story is a sneak peek into one young boy’s life. Poverty is very common among Native American’s living on reservations. Income is small if any, and is spent on alcohol or drugs. We will write a custom essay sample on Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Junior’s parents drink, his mother not so much, but his father does quite frequently. At one point Junior claims on Christmas his father goes on a drinking binge until January 2, and when he arrives home he pulls a crumpled five dollar bill out of his boot. Junior is touched by this action, knowing his father is an alcoholic and was able to save five dollars was touching. Juniors ex-best friend is a victim of domestic violence due to his father drinking alcohol. When it comes to making choices, Junior seems to look for help. Since Junior’s grandmother was hit by a drunken native and killed, he lost on person he could talk with. Junior loses people he cares about, whether it is from death or from him leaving the reservation. Mary, Junior’s only sister moved out and got a life of her own, only for it to end in a house fire and leading to her death. Junior has lost another close person, and his ex best friend blamed him for her death. As a result Junior would need confidence in himself to keep him going, and not want to give up on his schooling, and family. When Junior arrives to Reardan he is nervous and scared. Junior quotes â€Å"The only other Indian at the school, after all, is the mascot. In order to succeed one must take on challenges, and endure them. In Reardan Junior is called names but no real physical damage is being done, so Junior punches the jock of the school after being told a racist joke. The jock was shocked and had respect for Junior after this event. As the story progresses Junior shows bravery by confronting his ex-best friend, his old town, and the loss of two family members. He shows that being a warrior does not just mean being strong physically, but also mentally. The story to me was a fairly easy read. In a way I could relate to some of the events. Growing up I was not effected by poverty, but I know plenty of families that are. The story has plenty of messages, but I am not fully sure what they all happened to be. What I received from this story is, in order to succeed a person may need to endure struggles that are not necessary but are in order to succeed. Overall I enjoyed the story and would like to read it again. Sherman Alexie’s novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time, Indian is a comical, dramatic, and heart felt story. Throughout the story Junior matures, and learns how to better handle situations. Junior also learns to cope with poverty, a need for support in his decision making, and a show of courage when times seem hopeless. As Junior matures he realizes his reservation is beautiful to him, as it maybe to anyone passing through, and he takes the little things in life into account. This story is a wonderful tale and may give you a life or a ‘feel-sorry’ mood. This is a story that I will quite possibly read again, and quite possibly get a differen t meaning out of it.